Nissan LEAF heater controller kit V2


Delivery: Normalt 2-3 dager i Norge. 7-14 days word wide. Airmail.

Nissan LEAF heater controller kit V2. Cable harness. Please see "teknisk beskrivelse" for details. Please beware shipping options: Norway, USA, Europe or World wide. (Prices updated 01.01.2019) For installation instructions please watch Installing this cable kit is at your own risk. Photo credits: Installed switch: Johannes De Ciutiis



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-Turn the heater OFF
- Reduce the heater fluid temp. to appox 40 degrees C.
- Heater full ON.

Made for Nissan LEAF 2010-2012 (1.gen).

Due to Norwegian postal limits (20 mm) the shipping cost is high. If you wish the cable kit without the switch I will refund about half of the shipping cost. Please let me know in the comment "section" on the order, or send me an e-mail and I will promptly make the refund.

Technical description

Mode 1 turns the heater off by connecting a 330 ohms resistor in parallel to the water temp. sensor.
Mode 2 reduce the temp. by connecting a 2.2 Kohms (2200 Ohm) resistor i parallel to the water temp. sensor.
Mode OFF: Does not do anything.