Fuses 3-pack


Delivery: Normalt 2-3 dager i Norge. 7-14 days word wide. Airmail.

Since it has been difficult to find correct fuses to the fusebox inside the car without visiting a dealer this 3-pack might be the solution. Most gas stations and DIY car repair shops do not have these types of fuses. And these fuses sometimes blow because they provide power to the windscreen wipers and 12v outlets. Have a few spare fuses might save some troubles. I great way to store them is to simply tape them to the inside of the fusebox, or use some of the unused slots. The 3-pack includes: a 10 amp, a 15 amp, and a 20 amp. Please be aware that these are not "mini". They are "low profile mini". This item can only be sold combined with the cable harness, and only with WW-shipping.



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